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One North Korea observer said the situation was very similar to the year 2000, when a successful ROK-DPRK Summit later lead to U.S. -DPRK talks.

The spokesman said the goal of any conciliatory policy is to "peacefully resolve the North Korean nuclear issue and continue to develop inter-Korea relations", while "cooperating with the global community".

No draft resolution was circulated to the full council, but Haley said the United States was working with China on a text.

This may be unacceptable to China, which argues THAAD is part of a U.S. effort to contain its growing military power and spy on activity within China using the missile system's powerful radar. The US has taken an aggressive approach to North Korea having claimed that a policy of strategic patience had obviously failed.

South Korea's new liberal president vowed Thursday to reopen an investigation into the government's role in the violent suppression of a 1980 democratic uprising in the city of Gwangju that killed hundreds, as he further distanced himself from his ousted conservative predecessor. "Seoul needs to make a choice between deploying THAAD and resuming Sino-South Korean relations".

Moon asks North to refrain from arms development before dialogue.

Communications were severed by North Korea previous year, Lee said, after new worldwide sanctions were imposed in response to its fifth nuclear test and Pyongyang shut down a joint industrial zone.

In a lecture arranged by a Japanese think tank in Tokyo on Wednesday, U.S. Pacific Command Commander Adm. Harry Harris said that "combining nuclear warheads with ballistic technology in the hands of a volatile leader like Kim Jong-un is a recipe for a disaster".

The trajectory of the Hwasong-12 showed that it would have been capable of reaching Guam, where the United States maintains the U.S. Andersen Air Force Base, which is located 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) away from North Korea, according to Schilling. Clashes between residents and police over the deployment of an advanced USA anti-missile system highlight a divisive issue ahead of South Korea's presidential election on May 9. North Korea's testing of the new missile system may make it more hard for Moon to follow along the path of reconciliation, However, in his first key appointments Moon appointed supporters of the earlier Sunshine Policy of improving ties with the North, to the positions of prime minister and head of intelligence.

The first target for the rotund ruler's arsenal is Hawaii, a state which has already expressed its worry over bombings and has even applied for fallout shelters to protect citizens.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who criticized the latest test-firing, said Pyongyang's actions were "unacceptable", but he also appeared to hold out an olive branch to Kim.

Again, the olive branch Moon extended to President Kim came as a surprise, given North Korea's threats for decades to reduce Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to a "sea of fire".

Indeed, the administration's statement included an observation that seemed to contradict President Trump's initial comments about President Kim. "We don't have it done yet", Haley said.