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Google Photos, including the app for Android and iOS, will now have three new features-Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries and Photo Books. Using facial recognition, the feature will automatically identify who from user's Google Contacts is in photos and suggest to share pictures with them.

And for people you exist with on a regular, friendly basis, Google's introduced a second and possibly more insidious feature, Shared Libraries. You can go beyond and share your full photo library, or only photos of certain people or from a certain date onwards. However, maybe the most impressive new feature is the ability to print physical books with your photos. From selecting the right images to selecting the people you have to share images with, sharing photos can be tedious. Google further highlighted just how prevalent Google Photos now is, as during today's event Google confirmed that Photos now has 500 million monthly active users and sees as much as 1.2 billion photos/videos being uploaded each day.

If you look at these features, you may find them useful, or not, depending on how you use Google services and devices. Or maybe you were on the other end, and someone took a picture of you that never made its way to social media so you never saw it again. All I/O attendees were gifted with a free hardcover Photo Book. As it notes in a new promo video, you know you're a great photographer, but you also know "you're kind of a awful person". Sharing occurs through the app if the other users have Google Photos, or via email or SMS otherwise.

Continuing on, Shared Libraries is another way to share photos automatically with those you care about.

But our photo libraries aren't as idyllic as Google presents them to be. Basically, if there's a photo with a contact Google recognizes, the Photos app will suggest you to share that photo with that particular contact. And because Google's algorithm is theoretically smart enough to analyze the content of a photos, it won't share things like the picture of the sandwich you had for lunch or that time you spilled coffee on your shirt.

Photo books. Yes, Google is getting into the photo book printing business, but in a very Google-like way. "We'll bring photo books to more countries soon", Google added.

All the aforementioned features (except Google Lens) are available for both Android and iOS starting today. Photo books come in soft cover or hard cover, and start at $9.99 per book.