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While not as masterful as his 1979 "Alien" - but then, what could be? - it's an improvement on his mythology-heavy 2012 prequel "Prometheus".

Ridley's Chinese Theatre honor comes just two days before his new sci-fi film "Alien: Covenant" is released in the U.S, and although he is deeply moved by the accolade, his primary focus continues to be on making the greatest movies he can.

You can never say that if you've seen one Alien, you've seen them all, but Alien: Covenant offers nearly nothing you haven't seen before. Their follow-ups varied in quality and ambition (and yes, Aliens is a masterpiece in its own right), but none addressed where their nightmare beasts came from, or who the long-dead, inhuman "space jockey" seen briefly in Alien was.

For more on Alien: Covenant and Danny McBride, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, or available here. There are a lot of other crew members, but they don't make an impression the way the crew of the Nostromo or the squad of Marines aboard the Sulaco did. Prometheus is the Greek god who created mankind and Prometheus, the movie, is about the search for mankind's creators. More importantly, it's established itself among the Alien canon. With two more prequels planned, Scott and company will have to up their game for those films to be worth a trip to the theater.

The discovery of a clue to mankind's origins leads a team of explorers to a distant planet on a ship named Prometheus. Noomi Rapace's portrayal of Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus didn't quit live up to her inspirational archetype, but I liked her - and at least recognized her as a clear protagonist. After learning the Engineer's plan, Shaw and David set off in a space ship for the Engineer's home world in an attempt to understand why they wanted to destroy the human race that they themselves had created. "Covenant" looks to further connect the dots between "Prometheus" and "Alien", but it leaves you wondering why or if you should even care.

In terms of performances, Michael Fassbender is excellent despite being given some questionable and odd material to work with. At times, I debated if the film showed too much alien.

However, while there's plenty to love in Alien: Covenant, it rehashes an old plot like its beating a dead horse, doing exactly the opposite of what Alien did in the first place. "There's like a seven-foot guy walking around with this big-ass alien costume", Smollett says.

Alien facehuggers don't exclusively infect humans.

HOLCOMB: "Do you remember when you saw (Alien)?".

"I think there's something else out there, for sure". I would just run as fast as I could.

Hints referring to past "Alien" movies reward eagle-eyed viewers, including references to the crew in the movie "Prometheus". It would suck not to know more about them, especially since the fans have been introduced to them. In films featuring no queen, the Xenomorphs have only one goal: kill everything.